Friday, August 29, 2008


Three things:

Thing 1:
Banzai with Calamus and Sister Helen at Goodbye Blue Monday (Brooklyn)
The date: Friday, September 19th
The time: Sometime in the evening (we'll clear this up)
The price: naaah yo
The place: GOODBYE BLUE MONDAY <-- click for directions

Thing 2:
Banzai with Telecosmic, The Crayons and Radiates at 741 Myrtle Ave. (Brooklyn)
The date: Saturday, September 20th
The time: 4:00 PM
The price: naaah yo
The place: 741 MYRTLE AVE <-- click for directions

Thing 3:
Banzai with Starscream (celebrating their 1st bday) and Radiates at chashama. (Manhattan)
The date: Friday, September 26th
The time: 8:00 PM
The price: $10
The place: CHASHAMA <-- click for directions

+ more later.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shows on 20th & 26th + possible album art

We are about an inch away from confirming two shows, one at myrtle ave on saturday 9/20 and one at chashama on friday the 26th (with Starscream). Keep those dates open!

Also, our good friend Kane (Dulaney) Balser gave us a nice photo of a tree. I added some letters and such. This is what it now looks like. Don't be shy, comment and tell us how it looks. We need some other opinions.

See you in september